Welcome to Iowa State University Senior Design Team MAY1509's Homepage

What is CyShare

The GSB BikeShare project, also known as CyShare, is an initiative to provide a bike-sharing service to Iowa State University and Iowa communities. The project requires considerable work from a collection of multi-disciplinary teams to create a working solution. Mechanical, electrical and software systems must be developed to provide a robust and expandable program. As there are already solutions on the market, the GSB BikeShare project is expected to provide a solution at or below the cost of alternative solutions. Mechanical teams will be developing bikes and a docking system while electrical and software teams provide the electronics and software back-end to control and manage the bikes and docks. An industrial design team is responsible for planning the logistics and policy behind the initiative. The project has an estimated time-line of roughly 2-4 years. For more information, please view the GSB Presentation linked to on the sidebar.

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About this site

This website is devoted to the progress group MAY1509 has made in the GSB BikeShare project. This project was started at the beginning of the 2014 Fall semester and will end in the 2015 Spring semester. Weekly reports as well as project plan and design document revisions may be accessed using the links on the sidebar to the left. The navigation also contains presentations and research completed by the team.

Final Project Demo

Below is a video of the final project functioning.

Team Members

Computer Engineers
David Kominek, Brian Simons
Software Engineers
Sean Cavanaugh, Jeremy Curtiss, James McGinnis, Derek Otoo
Electrical Engineers
Austin Adam, Mohammed Alkatheeri, Derrick Anderson, Caleb Schulze, Joe Ternus, Nick Ziegeweid